World Changers 2018: Puerto Rico and Chesapeake

June 18th - July 21st, 2018

$350 - $975

World Changers 2018: Puerto Rico and Chesapeake
Chesapeake, VA: July 16-21, 2018 Puerto Rico: June 18-23, 2018

Tenfold Youth will be returning to Chesapeake, VA for the 5th time to serve the community with World Changers. We are also going to Puerto Rico

The cost of these trip covers registration and travel expenses. For Puerto Rico, the price may change; it is dependent on the cost of flights.

To offset costs, the youth will host group fundraisers and are also encouraged to individually get creative in order to save money for their World Changers registration. A few examples of this would be: *snow removal *Mowing lawns *babysitting *spring cleaning/yard sales--(did you know you could sell used books to 2nd and Charles? or clothes at consignment shops?

Check back at your registration page for more information as the time draws near. You will receive email updates as well.

SPACE IS LIMITED!!! So be sure to sign up ASAP!

Group life news

Group Life Course - Intro to Pillar

July 22nd - November 11th, 2018

The course is designed to help explain the vision of Pillar Church and answer important questions that people have about deeper involvement. We would love for an opportunity to share the vision of Pillar with you and want to invite you to join us at our next course. The dates for 2018 are listed on the side panel. When you register choose the Attendee Type that matches the date you would like to attend.

Location and other details: We host the course at the home of one of our church members who lives close by Swans Creek and we provide childcare for the event.

Preaching lab promo

Pillar Preaching Lab

September 24th - October 8th, 2018

Pillar Preaching Lab is designed to train people to proclaim the message of the Scriptures with clarity and conviction. We want to train people to declare the gospel effectively in the context of Sunday Morning preaching, Men's and Women's Ministry, Evangelistic Opportunities, and any other opportunity that calls for a bold and articulate witness. Because of the variety of settings where teaching and proclamation of the Word are so essential, the Lab is open to both men and women to sharpen their communication and exposition skill set.

The the average Christian will listen to 3000+ messages over the course of their life but never deliver even one. The Pillar Preaching Lab is designed to provide an enjoyable learning environment for those wishing gain experience in public speaking. Offered in a cohort learning environment, the preaching lab will provide aspiring communicators with the basic instruction, experience and feedback needed to grow in the skill of explaining Gods word to God’s people.

The lab is FREE but participants must commit to attending (3) two-hour in person sessions where they will listen to, critique and preach messages with other participants. Each session is preceded by an online video meeting and a few hours of reading and listening.

The Preaching Lab is open to men and women 12 years and older who are members or regular attenders of Pillar Church of Dumfries.

Homework Assignment (Completed NLT Tuesday, March 13th)